Q-Force Immune+ Case (12 for the price of 10!)

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All Natural. Caffeine-Free. Ultra Healthy.
Adding the benefits of Omega 3’s, EGCG (Green Tea Extract) and fast-absorbing IsoQuercetin, hire Q-Force Immune+ to be your bodyguard against the villains your cells face everyday.

Key Active Ingredients: QB3C™ (Quercetin + Vitamin B3 + Vitamin C) + Folic Acid (B9) + Omega-3’s + EGCG (Green Tea Extract) + IsoQuercetin

12 resealable bags of 30 individually wrapped chews. 250 milligrams of Quercetin per chew.
We recommend eating 2-4 Q-Force chews per day.

Q-Force Immune+ Case (12 for the price of 10!)

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“ We studied athletes eating 4 chews per day of Q-Force Immune+ and found that it significantly countered exercise induced increases in oxidative stress.”
--Dr. David Nieman, Director, Human Performance Lab - North Carolina Research Center

Live Life On Q™.