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From military commanders to Navy seals to elite athletes to working mothers juggling a dozen tasks at once, we have found that Q-Force really is highly beneficial for nearly everyone. Here’s what just a few of our fans have to say.



"As a sales executive and fitness instructor, I need to stay healthy and energized. I recently discovered Q-Force and immediately felt the performance benefits in my workouts."

--Nila, Los Angeles, CA

Nela Myers
Lieutenant Casey

“Working up to 18 hours a day while on deployment in some of the toughest conditions, I find that Q-Force keeps my focus levels up when I need it most. And somehow you’ve made them taste great too!”
--Lieutenant Casey, U.S. Navy


"As someone very in tune with nutrition I studied Q-Force thoroughly and am thoroughly impressed with the research and benefits behind it. But what really keeps me on it everyday is that I don’t feel as tired and stressed. I'm better able to cruise through hectic days of work, taking care of my kids and managing to exercise when I am taking my Q-Force.”

--Stephanie, St. Louis Missouri


"I have found that Q-Force has a major effect on my workout intensity and feel it helps my mental acuity at work as well. Thanks for giving me the edge I’ve been seeking!"

--Former Naval Officer Monroe


“I have taken Q-Force religiously and literally have not had a sick day since. I am 82 now and play tennis almost everyday. Q-Force has changed my life, I now know what it means to have a healthy and strong immune system, and sustained energy on a daily basis.”

--E.C. Grayson, former Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy


E.C. Grayson