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Quercetin occurs naturally in many foods from nature. Apples are a major source of quercetin due to their wide consumption. Other common foods containing quercetin include berries, parsley, capers, buckwheat, onions and peppers. Although the quercetin content, as shown below, is relatively small, it is the critical flavonoid found in these foods, making them “superfoods”.

Quercegen’s science team has spent many years developing its proprietary extraction and purification process so that quercetin can be readily available to people’s diet regimes. Using multiple trade secrets in addition to a patented extraction and purification technique, Quercegen has domesticated and grows Uncaria and Fava D’Anta on its farms in Brazil, plants with high concentrations of quercetin. It is then processed, purified, formulated and packaged in the Company’s own facilities, delivering you all natural Q-Force, from “Farm to Table”.

Farm to Table

Although there are many positive nutrients in fruits and vegetables, quercetin is an ingredient that nutritionists and dieticians are increasingly urging us to seek out in our foods for its health properties. As you can see below, just 2 Q-Force chews have the same amount of quercetin as approximately 20 cooked onions!

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