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Q-Force was designed using the latest in nutritional science in collaboration with DARPA (U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) with the objective of using the power of quercetin, and specifically Q-Force’s patented QB3C™ Formula to improve soldiers’ health and performance while in the battlefield. Research funded in part by DARPA demonstrated that taking Q-Force daily for 2 to 4 weeks can:

  • - Increase Mental Alertness
  • - Strengthen Immune System
  • - Provide Sustained Energy
  • - Reduce Oxidative Stress and Muscle Soreness Post-Exercise

QU995™ Quercetin, as used in Q-Force, has GRAS Notified Status

Quercegen Pharmaceuticals, makers of Q-Force, obtained “GRAS Notified Status” for its QU995™ Quercetin with purity greater than 99.5% that is used in Q-Force. QU995 is the only Food Grade quercetin on the market as the Company uses multiple trade secrets in addition to a patented extraction and purification process and is generally accepted as The World's Purest Quercetin commercially available. Only Quercegen has domesticated and grows Uncaria on its farms in Brazil, a plant with high concentrations of quercetin. It is then processed, purified, formulated and packaged in the Company’s own facilities. The Company is committed to delivering the safest and highest quality products from the best sources on earth.

GRAS Notified Status was granted as of November 22, 2010 under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) GRAS Inventory number GRN 341.

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Quercegen Pharmaceuticals (makers of Q-Force), with assistance from commercial partners, conducted a number of drug-drug interaction studies in 2009 and 2010 with no adverse effects being seen at the recommended dose of up to 1.5 grams of Quercetin per day, which represents 6 Q-Force chews (250 milligrams per chew). Most importantly, in all human studies Q-Force’s QB3C™ patented formula has been involved in to date - including a trial with over 1000 human subjects - there have been no clinical adverse events or biochemical signs of toxicity.

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